09 July 2012

This is the seventh weekly installment of my GSOC blog series. More info on the progress of the Fedora JBoss Spin can be found on the Fedora wiki.

Today is the ‘mid-term’ in the GSOC 2012 calendar, and as I mentioned last week, I’ve got the next iteration of the the spin ready. There are a few caveats to it, but I think it’s pretty cool so far! :) Not all of the packages are in the Fedora repositories yet, so I created a local yum repo that I could include the missing packages through. +Dan Allen added some ideas to the wiki for customizations that will make the spin awesome. Although these are only ‘proposed’ so far, I’ve included some of them into this release to see how well they work. A lot of them are not possible yet, and some of them I just can’t figure out yet; but the remaining ones should be in there! Here’s a vague list of stuff that the spin has over the vanilla fedora desktop image:

  • JBoss AS7

  • Eclipse, with all of the available webtools from Fedora, and lots of other features.

  • A subset of JBoss Tools (this isn’t in Fedora yet)

  • Some SCM tools, such as gitg, TortoisHg, and RapidSVN.

  • Various other Eclipse customizations, including keybindings and JBoss perspective by default

  • Gnome-Terminal opens maximized by default, and has some custom keybindings (see Dan’s recommendations)

  • JAVA_HOME is set in ~/.bash_profile (I think, I forgot to check if this worked!)

  • Caps Lock key functions as an additional Ctrl. No more cruise control.

  • The proposed Gedit customizations, apart from the custom keybind

  • Attached modal dialogs are disabled by default.

The current set of JBoss Tools includes the following components:common, usage, archives, jmx, as, and jst. There are a few more that are close to being ready to include, and hopefully it won’t be too long until all of them are included! My main disappointment is that we don’t yet have m2eclipse to provide maven integration in Fedora, so the quickstart examples from jboss.org/jdf can’t be added in the recommended way. I’ll look to package m2e soon, so hopefully this situation will change soon!

Here are some steps provided by Dan Allen, to connect to the Fedora packaged jboss-as, which works with the included JBoss Tools:

User instance, managed by JBoss Tools

  1. Create a new user instance: jboss-as-cp -l $HOME/applications/jboss-as-user-instance

  2. New > Server

  3. Server name: JBoss AS 7.1 Runtime (managed instance)

  4. Server runtime environment: Add… (if necessary)

  5. Name: JBoss AS 7.1 Runtime (system), Home directory: /usr/share/jboss-as, Configuration file: standalone-web.xml

  6. Click Finish (three times)

  7. Double click on “JBoss AS 7.1 Server (managed instance)” in Server tab

  8. Click the Open launch configuration link

  9. [ ] Always update arguments related to the runtime.

  10. Modify VM arguments:

    • Remove:

    • Append:

  11. Click OK

  12. Select the Deployment tab

  13. (*) Use workspace metadata

  14. Save

  15. Drag application to “JBoss AS 7.1 Server (managed instance)” in Server tab

  16. Click the play button in the toolbar of the Server tab

Finally, the image files for this version of the custom spin are ready. That took quite a while to upload!

i686: outdated link removed

x86_64: outdated link removed

kickstart file: outdated link removed