24 April 2012

So yesterday I found out that I got accepted into the Google Summer of Code program. It’s really exciting news for me, being enthusiastic about free software and open source, and also because I’ll be getting money to contribute to a project that I’ve been hoping to get more involved with anyway. I’ll be working with the Fedora project, to help with the packaging of JBoss software, and eventually I’ll create a JBoss spin, which will include JBoss Application Server 7, JBoss Tools for Eclipse, and JBoss Forge. I’m currently doing exams in university, so my activity on this will be limited until they’re finished. Then the hard work begins! I look forward to learning from all of the talented people who are already involved in the Fedora community. For more info on what I’ll be doing, the proposal is available on the wiki. I’ll update here with any interesting progress!